Stop With Your Sexting, And More True Facts About Dating

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Shocking surprise: Just as women do not love having their asses grabbed or getting flashed on the street, we do not necessarily want to receive unsolicited pictures of your penis. You may think it is the most lovely and beautiful thing that has ever existed, and we’re not arguing with that, but please. Read the social cues and be considerate before you sext.

The newest Singles in America survey has found that 75% of women polled did not care to receive “sexy photos.” In fact, 65% said they didn’t want selfies of any kind. Though doesn’t go any further in depth than that, we can surmise that several factors are at play here. First of all, it is more expected and more socially acceptable in this current era for women to put their beauty on display in an obvious way and to risk showing signs of vanity. Men, however, are expected to be sexy in a more “accidental” way, though this is changing and doesn’t reflect a universal preference by any means.

In other news, neither men nor women want a barrage of texts before they have a chance to reply — 59% said more than one text before writing back was a turn off. The study looked at 5,000 singletons. In addition to tips for how not to sext, there are a few tips that might be helpful for people on the dating scene. One that stands out? Don’t be nervous or embarrassed that you’re thinking long-term when you’ve just met someone. According to the study, 51% of singles (men and women) imagine a future together on the first date.

And, when it comes to that future, a lot of people are thinking marriage. In fact, 53% of singles polled saw marriage as a goal, including 43% of lesbians and 41% of gay men. Thank goodness we live in a world where that is becoming more and more possible, right?

Check out the infographic below for some more info, or hit the blog for a full breakdown!

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